This work is what I have now, ready to go. I have A LOT of work ready. Some is framed, some unframed. Some Yellow Glove pieces are editioned prints, some are not. Some works are mixed media. Prices at the bottom of pieces in the slideshows are regular prices. You can contact me through the "Contact Lisa" link at top, message me, email me at, text me, etc. Thank you everyone, for all of your ongoing support and encouragement! 

The Yellow Glove Series: Editioned, Framed Work

The Yellow Glove Series: Editioned, Matted but Unframed Work

The Yellow Glove Series: Framed, Uneditioned Prints

Framed Prints

The Yellow Glove Series: Unframed, Uneditioned but Matted Prints

Unframed but Matted Abandoned Prints

Unframed but Matted Prints

Mixed Media Work

Other Popular Prints - not on hand, but can be ordered