As good as a time machine.

After these last few insane-for-alot-of-reason-weeks what I really needed to do was go out, find a good place (hopefully!), do a little golden hour abandoned shooting, and try to refocus myself. I didn't really think about it until yesterday, but I squeezed in an hour, and I found a great place, got a little scared - which is good in a messed up way because it makes me feel alive again - found some cool old, stuff, got back into my car and drove right back into reality. 

It was just what I needed. I wish there was something that was more self-soothing than this for me, but there really just isn't anything much better than going out and exploring and shooting for an hour. Or having an idea and actually following through and shooting it, which is what I did today, and that's not edited yet. But that also did something great; it allowed me to breathe again, and not in a panicked and crazy way. In a good way. 

I felt like I actually stepped into some type of time warp. This was one of those houses where you wonder what the heck actually happened. Why is all of this stuff still there? And it also makes you yell before you go into any room or up any stairs because you KNOW there is a family of possums living there and just waiting to jump out and tear your head off.

Here's some of what I got. I do miss these solo adventures sometimes, especially when things get busy or when I know frostbite is a potential problem.

I didn't even get to every spot I wanted because there was so much to see before the sun set. So, I'll definitely be going back. 

And yeah, if you saw a crazy person turn around, go park on the side of the road, jump out, run into a field and take some shots, that was me. The light was crazy, and the reflections were too good for me to just drive away from. I know anybody else would do the same thing? Right? Because this is what it really looked like out there on my way home. I'm not one for taking many nature shots, but last night, it was too good out there.

Holy crap, right?

I'm sure you'll see some of today's shoot soon. One word - heroes.