"Just for one day …" / Works in progress page added / Print Sale going on

Excited to start this project after thinking it over for a long time. We started Saturday and went into yesterday. I think you'll get the idea, but if not, that's ok. 

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Things I like about it:

  • David Bowie. Those of you who know me know I've been intrigued and in love with him since I have been, wellllll … 4?
  • It's a black and white project.
  • I have been sitting on this for over a year. Like my friend Nancy says in her Creative Process blog and class: one step is incubation, and boy do I know how to let things incubate, fortunately and unfortunately.
  • My models are awesome and funny.
  • It's different than what I have done before.
  • Editing it is fun.
  • The original outtakes are some of my favorite images. They speak volumes about a true artist.
  • Collaborating with some of my former and current students, who have tried their hardest to remain serious despite my children and my kitten. It's hard as you'll see.

Here's is a preview of what's to come and some shots that make me laugh!

These are 6 of the 16 images. I love throwing my whole self into a project. This one is nice because it's straight photography, and that is what makes me happiest. 

Also, my kids are ridiculous. I will NOT tell you what they were saying to these poor models, or what they were laughing at. All I will say is that it was so bad. I give these models credit for being able to follow through and keep straight faces most of the time. I wouldn't have been able to. Plus I'm sure my parental reactions were interesting for them to watch, since they have only really seen me in action as their teacher. 

These all make me laugh, and who doesn't need a laugh these days?


Oh yes, there will be more. But this is not what I will be doing with them. That's the fun part.

Also, I recently added a "works in progress" page to my site which scarily shows you some ideas I have and where my mind is going, along with my art. I figured it could be interesting or maybe explain some things! Ha.

Life Distortions ...

Last, I do have a pretty good print sale going on. Many are from the YGS. Some aren't. I just have an excessive amount of prints, mostly small but some larger,  from different shows I've been in this past year. They are heavily discounted. If you are interested, check out these links: