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More from Studio 204D | Starline Factory | Open Friday, January 26th

Here are some more selections for work from our studio, 204D, which will be open this Friday night from 6-10pm.

Lisa Davids, Peggy Gannon, and myself have been working on new projects, new ideas, and new pieces and are excited to have them on display.  Peggy works with mixed media art,  I work with fine art photography, mixed media art, and also have been involved with a number of other types of photography in recent months, and Lisa Davids works with mixed media art and encaustic art. Below is more of what you will find available in our studio Friday night:

Peggy Gannon: Mixed Media Art

"Convalesce" | 18"x24" | Mixed Media

"Intren" | Mixed Media

"Obstacle" | Mixed Media

"Time Machine" | Mixed Media

"Pathway" | "24 x 18" | Mixed Media

Lisa Beard: Fine Art Photography + Mixed Media Art

"Lovesong" | Tryptych: Three 3" x 6" ceramic tiles | Fluid Acrylic Pour

"Windowsill" | The Animal House | 11"x 14" | Photography

"Grown Ups" | 14" x 11" | Photography

Selection of 2"x 2" magnets | Various Yellow Glove Series Images

"Rebirth" | 14"x 11" | Photography

Lisa Davids: Mixed Media Art + Encaustic

"Seven" | Mixed Media Collage

"Made of Tiny Stories" | Mixed Media Collage

"The Space Between" | Encaustic

"Radiant Glow" | Encaustic

"Dark Thoughts" | Mixed Media Encaustic

We will post one more time before tomorrow night, so be sure to check back.  Hope to see many of you at 4th Fridays!