Artist Biography:

LISA BEARD is a fine art photographer who also enjoys creating mixed media work and writing. She was born and continues to live in Woodstock, IL where she is also a high school teacher. Throughout life, Lisa has been drawn to art, especially photography, that tells stories. From an early age, Lisa has been an avid reader and was told she had an “active imagination;” this influenced her to complete her BFA in English and to pursue teaching. While teaching high school English, Lisa re-discovered her love for storytelling and creating art by making pictures, especially through conceptual and editorial work and also through exploring and researching the history behind places and objects left behind.

Much of Lisa’s signature work contains elements of juxtaposition, often through light and dark imagery, beauty and destruction, and the idea of illusion versus reality. These conflicts work together to convey representations of paradoxical feelings and emotions. Lisa also enjoys writing, as she is in the process of writing two books, Abandoned America: Abandoned Illinois and Abandoned America: Abandoned Wisconsin, to be published in 2018 and 2019.. She also enjoys using her original photography to create mixed media art.