Much has changed in recent times in the realm of women’s rights, but are women feeling any less oppressed now than in other era? In my view women still hold many of the same traditional responsibilities they've always had and are often left struggling with these traditional roles along with newer roles outside of the home. This can leave women feeling more overworked and desperate than ever. Abandoned places were chosen as settings for these images because they parallel a universal aspect of humanity: once unblemished, both develop histories, have experiences that change them, age, and eventually,  both fade away; however, they show a sort of beauty in their decomposition which is paradoxical. Some places/people suffer more than others. On the exterior either may look perfect; however, the insides will often contain extensive damage and devastation. Settings for this body were carefully chosen with the intent of representing this condition of humanity. The yellow gloves in each image are abstractly symbolic; they are obvious representations of repression but can mean much more. We are all formed by different experiences, so underlying meaning is meant to be personally interpreted.

Selections from the series: